And the surprise is already there 🙂 Check out www.jsunnyreports.com!

This site and the new one are running in sync. I will continue to run both website for a while. As soon as all DNS servers are updated I will migrate everything to the new domain and put a forward on the old one.




  1. André van den Berg


    Can you add a RSS-feed somewhere?
    I follow your sites but with RSS it would me much easier.

    still nice work with your software. I use it many times a day and watch the result often 🙂

  2. BZH44 (Yves Le Naour)

    Hello !

    I Wish you a Happy New Year 2012,
    And a lot of sun on our panels !

    Long life to JSR !

  3. Doudy


    I wish you a Happy New Year 2012,
    I would also like that you add a RSS-feed.
    Also i follow your sites with RSS.

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