Working on version

Currently me and Martijn ( Windfreak ) are working on a new version of jSunnyreports. This will be a major release! Biggest change is the addition of radiation vs inclination / orientation of each solar array. Big respect for Windfreak on this one, there is some hefty code behind all this.

An example:

( Graph is clickable ).

This graph will tell you exactly what the sun radiation angle is on the solar panels according to its orientation and inclination. For every inverter available a graph will be made for the last date entry found in the logs.

This change is big. The following items will be or have been changed:

  1. Templates  ( index.template );
  2. stylesheet.css;
  3. Extra language items, already available for Dutch and English;
  4. inverters.ini has changed! ( Inclination and orientation have been added );
  5. Latitude/longitude are necessary ( configurable in configuration tool );

Furthermore various bugfixes and changes have been made.


  1. Doudy


    I look forward to this release.
    For “extra language”, I can do the translation from Dutch to French.


  2. Martin Kleinman (Post author)

    Hi Doudy,

    Help accepted 🙂

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