How it started

Back in 2009 we got our first solar panel with an OK4E inverter. Shortly after that a bigger set of 1320Wp on a SB1100 was added to our roof. At the time I could create charts for my SB1100 inverter using a tool called “Sunnyreports” but I was not able to create graphs for my OK4E.Then the idea was born to create one charting tool that could create charts for both my inverters. I started with the idea to create my own charts in Java. That was easier said then done to be honest. Then I found a free chart library called “JFreeChart” and within a day I had a working test version.

After an announcement on the original “Zonstraal” forums the idea really took off and the first real release was done in weeks after the original idea came to mind.

What is it?

jSunnyreports is the only charting tool that is able to combine 24 different types of inverters into one coherent set of charts and tables of how your PV installation is performing and how it has performed in the past. Not only is it able to create seperate charts for your inverters but jSunnyreports is also able to combine the different sets and last but not least you can compare days with eachother or even individual inverters.

jSunnyreports is the only program on the planet capable of handling so much different type of logfiles and combine them into one website.

With jSunnyreports you are in the driving seat.


  • Support for 24 different inverter type logfiles, including SMA Sunnybeam, Solarlog, Fronius inverters, Solarmax, Mastervolt and much more. See the supported inverters page for the full list;
  • actual charts of how your PV set is performing right now;
  • charts how your PV set has performed on a daily, monthly and yearly basis;
  • cummulative charts on a 365 day basis to see if your set is performing up to specification or if your panels are slowly degrading;
  • Cost savings and incentives of how much your PV set has generated up to now, also on a daily, montlhy and yearly basis;
  • Support for uploading your data to sonnenertrag.eu;
  • CO2 savings and uranium savings;
  • jSunnyreports is written in Java and will run on any platform where Java will run, this also means it can run on low powered devices like a Raspberry PI;
  • “Diary” function on a seperate page;
  • Interactive/responsive design;
  • automated FTP upload to your website;
  • And most important; IT IS FREE of any charge!