TODOList items for the upcoming release

I’ve come up with a list of items I would like to fix/add in the upcoming release.

Besides fixing a few bugs I would also like to add even more flexibility to jSunnyreports. I got an email today of a French enthusiast with lots of interesting features and changes to the code. All those will be implemented.

This is a temporary list, if you have items you would like to have added let me know! Also check out for the complete list 🙂

- 0000217: [Idea] Add -ActualOnly parameter - new.
- 0000216: [Idea] Add "color templates" to the configuration tool. - new.
- 0000213: [Idea] Modify Inverter editting in the configtool ( make a popup with complete editscreen ). - new.
- 0000212: [Refactoring] Refactor code BarGraphType - new.
- 0000211: [Refactoring] Refactor code TimeSeriesGraphType - new.
- 0000209: [Bug] Sun radiationgraphs will not work for southern hemisphere - new.
- 0000214: [Display issue] With 3 graphs next to eachother the timeseries graphtypes with day info are too small (Martin) - assigned.
- 0000208: [Idea] Add update interval for index.html to the configurationtool ( in minutes ) (Martin) - assigned.