Supported inverters

At this moment jSunnyreports supports the following logfile formats:

  • .xls: Sunny Data Control logfile format ( SDT_xx.xls SDM_xxyy.xls ), used for all SMA inverters that are monitored with a Sunnybeam classic display.
  • .csv: SunnyBeam bluetooth logfile format, used for all new SMA inverters. ( all firmware revisions )
  • .csv: Sunny Explorer logfile format, used for new SMA inverters.
  • .txt: Diehl logfile format, used for most Diehl inverters
  • .xls: Fronius logfile format, used for most Fronius inverters
  • .csv: Solarlog logfile format, any inverter that is monitored by a Solarlog logger.
  • .xls: “Custom” logfile format, used for manually monitored inverters
  • .csv: Soladin600 inverters, using own logfile format. logger written by the same authors as jSunnyReports, packaged with jSunnyreports
  • .csv: Arduino/digital s0 kWh based logfiles, using own logfile format. logger written by the same authors as jSunnyreports, packaged with jSunnyreports.
  • .csv: Consospy based logfiles
  • .log: OK4E inverters, used with OK4Emanager software.
  • .pdl: Solarmax S series inverters, used with Handicom Solarmax logger
  • .txt: Solarmax S series inverters, using Solarmax Maxtalk software
  • .csv: Sunesy based inverters
  • .log: Aurora one based inverters
  • .csv: Schuco based inverters
  • .csv: Sunny Webbox
  • .csv Mastervolt XS inverters
  • .suo Sunny Data Control version 3.93
  • .csv Mastervolt XS based inverters
  • .csv Omnik inverters
  • .csv Enphase inverters
  • .csv Kostal Piko inverters
  • .csv MangoDB files
  • .csv Solarlog1000 files

If your file type is not listed then send me a few samples and there is a big chance I can add support for it in jSunnyreports.