Minor update

Some people already might have seen it. The version on my own site is now jSunnyreports build 2. The frontend still looks the same though. So what has changed?

Most changes are deep under the hood of the engine. jSunnyreports now creates more JSON files. I’ve been working on an alternate frontend. Here some teasers.


Some data ( in Dutch ) from jSunnyreports. Actual power, peak power and yield today.


Dailcharts. Interesting thing is; These are updated interactively. You can actually see the needles move over time!


Interactive day chart. And you can select any day you want. The charts will reload automatically.


and an interactive year table + charts. when using the navigation everything is updated interactively. You can also include or exclude any inverter on the fly.

And now?

Its far from finished. I am currently creating various pages with different dashboard designs. Because highcharts supports interactive charts I can do far more then every before.

More soon!