JSunnyReports released

And there she is, the new final 1.1 release of JSunnyReports.

The new version can be downloaded from : http://www.familie-kleinman.nl/jsunnyreports/releases/full/JSunnyReports-


  1. Danny

    Hi Martin, thanks for this new version. I installed the new version and observed a difference of some 200KWh on the totaalopbrengst compared to a run with the previous version. Any idea where this could come from ?

  2. Martin Kleinman


    As nothing is changed to the internal structure from jSunnyreports since a long time. I will contact you by mail.

  3. Bzh

    Hi Martin!
    Thank you for this new release !

    I’ve made some tests, and I’ve a problem :
    My datas are mixed : I have about 180 SunnyBeamBT files (old version), and 180 SunnyExplorer files.
    This files are similar, so, I’ve put all of them in the same directory, and I had only one inverter parametred (file type SBBT).
    JSR was able to find all these files with beta10.
    It doesn’t work longer :

    jSunnyReports. Copyright : 2009-2010, Martin Kleinman, Martijn van der Pauw & Ba
    stiaan Schaap, version Builddate : 16-08-2010 at 19:00
    Check out http://www.familie-kleinman.nl/jsunnyreports for the latest version.
    Loading and sorting data
    Processing inverterdata for : SB3000TL20
    processing : 09-09-01.CSV
    Fatal error, an unknown error occured.
    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 9
    at nl.mk.jsunnyreports.dataloaders.SunnyBeamBTDataLoader.processNewFirmw
    at nl.mk.jsunnyreports.dataloaders.SunnyBeamBTDataLoader.SunnyBeamCSVFil
    at nl.mk.jsunnyreports.dataloaders.SunnyBeamBTDataLoader.dataLoader(Sunn
    at nl.mk.jsunnyreports.dataloaders.DataLoader.readInverterData(DataLoade
    at nl.mk.jsunnyreports.JSunnyReports.main(JSunnyReports.java:45)
    Done processing ( time used : 188ms ), exiting program.
    Appuyez sur une touche pour continuer…

    Can you help me ?

    Thank a lot,

    PS : It seems the email I sent you was rejected

  4. Pieter Degraeuwe


    Is dit een open-source projectje (kunnen anderen mee code contributen?)

  5. Bzh

    Hi Martin,
    Did you receive the files you asked me ?
    (I’m afraid my mail has been rejected again.)

  6. Bzh

    Hi Martin,
    I’ve found the problem.
    I used files downloaded with SunnyBeam during 6 months,
    and some of them didn’t have the first line “sep=;”.
    If I correct the files, that’s ok.
    (this was ok in the previous release)
    For 6 months, I use files downloaded with SunnyExplorer.
    In the previous release, JSunnyReports could use mixed files (SunnyBeam and SunnyExplorer) in the
    same directory, but today… It crashes…
    I’ll have to use 2 inverters, but I think that’s not a good way…
    Can you help me anymore ?

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