Issue: Fatal error occured when a new day is started

I had hoped I had removed this error yesterday, but it seems its still in the code. Also my own setup has the same problem.

I noticed that when the error occurs the next run of jSunnyreports will continue normally.

I have modified parts of the code so it will give more information about this error, and will actually log it into the logfiles. If you have this error and want to help me, please e-mail me and  I will send you a modified copy of jsunnyreports.jar


  1. Martin Kleinman

    I think I have found the issue. Even though I think it is not necessary ( because the objects * SHOULD * exists. I have added extra checking against “null”.

    Currently this is being tested.

  2. celdelph

    C:\JSR 1.3 1>java -jar JSunnyReports.jar
    jSunnyReports. Copyright : 2009-2011, Martin Kleinman, Martijn van der Pauw & Ba
    stiaan Schaap, version Builddate : 02-12-2011 at 13:00
    jSunnyReports. The solar equivalent of the Swiss knife!
    Check out for the latest version.
    Reading cached files
    Loaded: filecache.jsun
    Loaded: inverterdata.jsun
    Loading and sorting data
    Processing inverterdata for : sma sb 5000 tl20
    cache hit for C:/Users/Titi/Documents/SMA/Didier-20111102.csv but fileSize diffe
    rs, going to reload
    Fatal error, an unknown error occured.

    Done processing ( time used : 714ms ), exiting program.

    C:\JSR 1.3 1>pause
    Appuyez sur une touche pour continuer…

  3. Stan Gobien

    I updated yesterday from beta 6 to Worked fine that day.
    Today stopped working with fatal error after processing the CSV file for today (a new day).

    I renamed the JAR file and downloaded the JAR from v1.3.1.0 and put it in place. All is working ok now again.

    BTW: I have always gotten this non-fatal error:
    Error setting color for series ‘-1’ of chart ‘org.jfree.chart.JFreeChart@ff5c8d2’: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Requires index >= 0.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Ben

    You should update to version here :

    I had exactly the same issue and it fixed it.

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