HURRAY! Massive FTP speed improvement

Hurray, one very big performance improvement.

jSunnyreports will only upload newfiles which are 7 days old or newer. I’ve also added an option to upload all the files ofcourse 🙂

With big thanks to BZH from France for coming up with this idea. I personally was thinking in technical solutions like multithreaded FTP, change in code etc.  The idea BZH came up with is far more elegant :). And also a lot easier to add in the code. 🙂


  1. Eric

    Hi Martin, this will be a great improvement!
    When do you expect to have the code modified available for download?


  2. Martin Kleinman (Post author)

    This update will be released as soon as possible 🙂

  3. Peter Morshuis

    Hi Martin,
    First a big thank you for all the good work. After having tried a few other logging and graphing tools I decided to go for yours.
    I have a question on the number of graphs that are ftp-ed to my website. With the standard settings the amount of data transferred is far bigger than my small website can handle. Is it possible to transfer just the graphs that are needed by index.html?

    Thank again,

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