Fixes in the pipeline

A lot of users have already migrated to the new 2.0 version. Because of that I also got a lot of requests, improvement suggestions and bugreports.

The status at this moment:

  • Dutch language fixes ( Tnx Andre )
  • Settings.conf is a bit more elaborate (use the / and NEVER the \ in paths)
  • inverters.conf is a bit more eleborate, especially for inverters that need additional config items.
  • Calculating the average of a day is now done in one function ( instead of two )
  • Last month was not actually the last month in the facts block.
  • Modified footer so it will scale correctly.
  • Dayyield in facts was rounded differently from dayyield in header.
  • JSON year color fix ( used linecolor instead of barcolor ), usually they are the same so no one noticed it before.
  • Website title moved to language file ( tnx Doudy )
  • misc/historic production rounding problem solved
  • updated rounding mechanism
  • Updated various columns ( align left/right )
  • Header updated, should fix scaling problem on smaller devices

And a lot more to come 🙂