Do we still need the backup engine?

Who of you are using the backup engine? I’m tempted to remove the backup engine completely at this moment. The backup engine will not work for people with more then one inverter anyway.

Besides that, doing a full backup of all the inverter logfiles to FTP seems a bit of a security hole for most people. Most people do not have a private, dedicated, FTP server for themselves. In this case do you want your inverterfiles to reside on a FTP server?

Making a backup of the inverterfiles seems to be a task being done outside of jSunnyreports.

What do you think?



  1. Gerard Jacobs

    Kan goed leven zonder backup.

  2. gridained

    backup not needed for me, why not leave a checkbox in config file with a yes or true allow a bakup process?

  3. Stan Gobien

    I do not use it.

  4. Kris Boeckx

    I’m not using the backup process but as stated above, you can give the power to the user.

  5. Wayne

    No need for it here!

  6. André Bosmans

    No need for me.
    I have 3 inverters.

  7. BZH44

    Hi, Martin!
    8 months later…
    I an a friend of me use FTP backup, and, now I’ll never upgrade JSR because backup ‘s over.
    I think it’s very useful.
    I’d have to think to another script to save my files, however JSR can do it for me.

  8. Martin Kleinman (Post author)

    The backup engine will return. It will be property of an inverter itself. So you can add backup for one inverter but leave the other one out.

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