Inverter chart

This chart type gives you insight how your system is doing in the long run. This chart is also probably the most important in noticing degradation of your solar panels or a slow inverter malfunction.



In a 3 year period the average kWh/kWp performance of my Gridfit inverter declines from almost 460kWh/kWp to under 440kWh/kWp. This might be a sign that the solar panel attached to this inverter is malfunctioning or the inverter itself has a problem. Because I have multiple inverters I also have the possibility to compare this inverter in this period to another one.


Selecting multiple inverters here, see below, will load all inverters. I have removed a few to make the comparison easier. The decline from the Gridfit inverter is still seen in the chart. The other inverters show far less decline and the OK4E inverter goes up in the same period.

This gives even more indication that something might be wrong.

Choose inverter


This box lets you choose the inverter you want to study in the chart.


Load all


This checkbox will load all the inverters in the same chart. Only ofcourse if you have more then one inverter installed.