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Welcome to the jSunnyreports version 2.0 explanation wiki.



This is the main dashboard screen The different parts will be explained below.



This header is shown on every page. It will tell you the most important information about your pv-plant.It will show:

  • The actual performance at this moment
  • The highest peak performance this day
  • The current yield
  • The yield the pv-plant yesterday
  • The yield this month
  • And finally the yield this year.



The fact section partially duplicates the same information but also displays more information like the last month and the yield of last year. One item needs a bit of extra explanation:


What is the historic yield? This is the average yield of the same dates in the past. As an example:

I am writing this on january 1st 2016. The average yield is 0.5kWh. This means that on all january 1st combined the average was 0.5kWh. For more information see the historic day chart page.

The chart


And the chart section itself. The chart on the dashboard page shows the actual performance in Watt over time. The chart is interactive. When you hover over the chart with your mouse the actual value of that inverter will be displayed.

When you have multiple inverters with this amount of detail in the logfiles then they will be displayed here as well. This is the case with my own set with 6 individual inverters being monitored. Also when you have two or more with this kind of detail a “Merged” chart will also be drawn combining all charts together.

And it is also possible to enable and disable every individual inverter in the chart as shown below.




It is also possible to zoom in on certain areas in the chart. Use your left mouse button to select the area you want to display in more detail.

When using the zoom function a “Reset zoom” function is shown in the upper right corner as shown below.