This page will explain how to download and install jSunnyreports. This page assumes you have basic computer skills like creating directories, downloading files and unzip a file.

Create installation directory

jSunnyreports does not have an installation program. It is just a zip file containing all the necessary files to work with. To make the installation easier lets create its final directory before the download of the zip file itself.

Create a directory for jSunnyreports, for instance:

  • On windows: c:\tools\jsunnyreports
  • on linux ~\jsunnyreports ( in your home directory )

In this wiki installation I assume everything is installed in c:/tools/jsunnyreports.

Important note: Do not unpack jSunnyreports into a protected directory like “program files” or “program files (x86)”. jSunnyreports won’t be able to work properly from these directories!


Download the latest version from this page. And save the zip file to the location you created in the step before.


Unzip the zip file in the same directory. You will end up with a directory that looks similar:


Files explained


 /conf Directory containing configuration files
 /extras Directory containing extra files, for Arduino logging, Soladin Logging etc
 /languages Directory containing the language files used by jSunnyreports
 /manual Directory containing the installation manual in PDF format.
 /website Website directory
 jsunnyreports.cmd Run script on Windows systems
 jSunnyReports.jar Main program code Run script on Linux systems
 jsunnyreports_icon.gif Icon file
 jsunnyreports_pause.cmd Run script on Windows systems, for debug purposes Run script on Linux systems, for debug purposes
 linux_howto_make_executable.txt Small tutorial how to make the .sh files executable on Linux based systems.
 manual.xls Excelsheet used when you want to manually enter your daily yields, explained here
 readme.txt Basic readme.txt about this release, changes etc
 update_readme.txt Update readme, what has changed and how to upgrade.


If you install jSunnyreports on linux there is one more step you need to do. The file ( shell script ) cannot be executed yet. Open a terminal window and navigate to the jSunnyreports directory.


chmod +x

And the file is executable.

To execute issue:



Next step: configuration of jSunnyreports.