8. Solarmax Handicom


There are two major parts that need to be configured.

  1. Inverter ( network configuration )
  2. Software configuration


On the inverter go to the network settings and enter the following information:

  • IP ADDRESS ( specific for your network and has to be unused ), e.g.
  • PORT ( where the software will listen to ) e.g. 15015
  • SUBNET ( usually )

Software configuration

Copy the software to a specific location, e.g. c:/tools/solarmax. The software has been tested with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 but will probably work under other versions as well.

Edit the file “monitor.cfg” and make sure the IP ADDRESS, PORT and other settings match the settings you entered in your inverter. And make sure the path exists where you want to save your logfiles.

Now start Or29MonitorSvr.exe, after the init it should make contact with your inverter. And if you start the logging feature it should save logfiles in the directory you configured earlier in the process.

If everything works it is time to install the Windows service to do the logging automatically when Windows starts.

  1. Open a CMD window with administrator rights ( run as administrator )
  2. go to the corresponding folder
  3. type “Or29MonitorSvc.exe / install” ( without the quotes ) and press enter

The service is now installed and you can close the CMD window. To check if the service is installed and running type “Windows button + R”, the run screen will open. Type “services.msc” and press enter. A list will open with all available services installed on your machine. You should see a service called “Or29 Monitoring Service”. You might want to check the properties of the services that it is started automatically when Windows starts.

Now restart your computer and after the reboot check if the logfile gets an update every minute. If it does you are set!

Known issues

When the network connection with the inverter is lost temporarilly it will not come back online by itself. In this case you have to turn off your inverter and turn it back on to get the log function working again.


An example inverters.conf entry: