Cache performance part 3.

Okay, now we are getting into the really sick regions.

I have added another cache optimalization option. It is totally unnecessary to keep all the detailed day graph information in memory. Once the graph is generated and the data is a week old this information is purged from the cachefile itself. For people with only one inverter this has no negative side at all.

For people with multiple inverters, like me, there is a small snag. *IF* and only *IF* in the situation old logdata, older then a week, is modified then in that case the graph day ( Power vs time ) graph is not fully generated. I don’t know about you guys but I seldom edit my logfiles, let alone edit the ones in the past!

Drumroll please.

With this feature in place the same dataset as discusses before ( 1 changed item ) will run in under 6 seconds. ( Done processing ( time used : 5897ms ), exiting program. )

Also memory consumption drops significantly with this new feature.