And and update: released

Downloadlink :


  1. Fixes “Key erorr” issue when no inclination / orientation is entered for an inverter. ( one big booboo on my part! )
  2. Fixes executables for Linux once again ( also my fault )
  3. radiation graphs are now finally available in the templates ( also my fault )

Still some debug information is active in this release, just ignore it :).




  1. Gridaine

    hello Martin, thi release works fine for me, i’ve just made an error by rewriting template, i must redo them later

    thx a lot

  2. bondbelgium

    beta6 works fine for me too!!
    While overviewing the settings, I found the ‘# graphs next to eachother’-setting I must have been overlooking the last times…
    now my site looks good again (with two graphs next to eachother).

    thanks for the great work and keep it up !!!

  3. Gunter

    Works fine for me, thanks. Just have to look for some explanation on the radiation graphs….

  4. Veetap

    I’m a complete beginner at this so was relieved to find your web site. My installation was only finished on Tuesday. I don’t know how to use your software to convert my CSV data into something meaningful. Also I don’t seem to be able to get at yesterday’s data. the ntht & ytd are OK but not dailies. If you can spare any time to help I’d be really grateful

  5. BZH44

    hi Veetap !
    Which inverter do you get ?
    (it will be mor easy by mail : @

  6. André van den Berg

    leuk en handig programma hebben jullie gemaakt.
    Ik heb sinds eergisteren panelen en hiermee kan ik het mooi overzichtelijk houden. (zie meegestuurde website-link)

    Ik heb 10x280Wp van MetDeZon met een SB3000HF.
    Helaas moet ik voor de datalogging nog met de laptop naar de 1e verdieping om met SunnyExplorer via Bluetooth de gegevens te downloaden. Maar daarna is het één klik (op een link naar de .cmd) en de website is geupdate. Super dus!

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