Again some work done

I’ve managed to fix a few bugs for the upcoming release. I’ve done the following:

- 0000231: [Bug] bargraph total is displayed for every inverter. looks messy (Martin) - closed.
- 0000209: [Bug] Sun radiationgraphs will not work for southern hemisphere (Martin) - closed.
- 0000218: [Bug] Sun Radiation graph sometimes renders wrong ( color scheme of graphs ) (Martin) - closed.
- 0000230: [Bug] BarResultGraphType, total amount is displayed for every inverter instead a value per bar (Martin) - closed.

I have also added a few new issues mostly concering stability. I want to modify jSunnyreports so it will not crash on the first error it encounters but will continue reading except when the number of issues comes above a certain threshold.

More information soon.


  1. Gridaine

    hello Martin,
    do you need some beta tester ?

  2. Martin Kleinman (Post author)

    In fact I do :). The new release ( version ) will be released this friday.

  3. Martin Kleinman (Post author)

    Whoops, I mean beta4 🙂

  4. Gridaine

    thx, i’ll be in the first to try it friday !
    good job

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