2.0 Alpha released

I just released another alpha version. This version fixes a long lasting and irritating bug. This bug caused that some days would be reported as 0 or an insane amount of kWh while the other charts were reporting the production correctly.

Problem was that this was an intermittent bug and very hard to reproduce. But I do think I have nailed the problem once and for all.

Even though this is labeled as an ALPHA version I have been using this version for a few months now and have not found any new introduced bugs.

This version still uses the 1.6 template system. When the 2.0 version is finished you will ( finally ) have a completely new frontend.

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  1. Veikko Baath

    Hello Martin & Friends,

    very good job… seems it’s working well (just still running for first time to refresh cache).

    Only one very small, prio 3 topic:
    Could you please take a look: I moved some variable placeholder (##years_yearmonth_table## and ##years_total_table##) from history template into index template and they won’t work (scroll down to end of my index.html)…

    But nevertheless I’m glad that you develop this program: I really love JSR!


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