I just released the latest version which includes the jSunnyreports cache. The file can be downloaded from here :http://www.familie-kleinman.nl/jsunnyreports/releases/full/jsunnyreports1.3.1.0Lightning.zip

For new users just extract the file to a new directory. This also counts for people with older versions ( before ).

If you are a beta6 user. Please do the following:

  • Make a backup!
  • Delete the /lib directory
  • Copy the /lib directory from the zip to your jsunnyreports install
  • Overwrite jsunnyreports.jar with the one in the zip file!
  • copy schedule.ini and schedule_optimized.ini from the zip file ( in the /conf dir ) to your /conf dir

The first time you run jSunnyreports it will be *SLOW*. It has to initialize the cache and it will generate and upload all the files to your FTP. The second time you run jSunnyreports the cache will start doing its job. And from the third time it should be running at full performance.

In my case I got a 93% performance increase!

I’m curious about your results.


  1. Gridaine

    Just Tested, a pure marvellous thing ! run at a bullet speed !
    in the footer the version is still marked as (it is normal or it is my cache on webbrowser) ??

  2. Martin Kleinman (Post author)

    It should state At least thats what my version says below on the page. Did you modify your templates by any chance?

    What was your original processing time and what is it now?

  3. Jaconet

    In de test omgeving aan het testen. Prima snelheid.
    Wanneer kan ik inverter Mastervolt xs4300 data verwachten?
    Zodat ik ook de rest van de grafieken misschien kan gaan zien.
    Manuel data is erg beperkt en gericht op opbrengst niet op actueel.


  4. Gridaine

    Yes my template are fully modify take a look at : http://tsmi10.free.fr/PV/

    i’ve retry to launch jsr again but the footer still remain at ??

    for the time earned 72 second with and 7 second after (approximately 90 percent)

  5. Gridaine


    the mistake come with me ! the /lib directory was well copied but , i don’t know why, the jar file wasn’t well copied ????

    all goes well now


  6. Ben

    It works like a charm after the first *SLOW* run.
    I have a problem on my Win7 64bits machine though. Since I switched to Java 7 64bits (instead of the “old” Java 6) I can’t get jSR to run. It’s not related to the latest jSR (jSR 1.2.0 stopped working when I updated Java) but what I mean is, it didn’t fix it either. Looks like a classic “path” problem (windows variable) but the standard fix doesn’t seem to work.
    Any ideas ?

  7. Djemac

    Install done on my sheevaplug

    First run in progress…should take some minutes 🙂 It’s quite slow on that little “5W” computer

  8. Wayne

    I seem to be having a problem getting 1.3 to read the 2nd inverter data. using Sunny Explorer files. 1.3 is not processing the col 4 data. It creates the script files in the sub directory, but no HTML. 1.20beta6 works fine. Ideas?

  9. Djemac


    That’s faster now. 107 692ms on this morning run (Before it would take about 15 minutes…). So now I will be able to update it more than every two hours!

    Only one problem : The radiation diagram is bad (max height of sun is drawn strangely…)

  10. Martin Kleinman (Post author)

    It should run under Win 7 64 bits. My own development machine is a 64 bit win 7 machine 🙂

    Have you tried setting your JAVA_HOME?


  11. Martin Kleinman (Post author)

    This is a known issue. Funny thing is I thought about this possible issue yesterday and right after it I got your message.

    Its an easy fix. I will add it in the next release.

  12. Ben

    Hi again ! The problem is not related to Win 7 64bits but to Java (JRE) 7. Apparently, many programms run into errors with JRE7 (including OpenOffice). The official word is “Stick to the latest -and still updated- JRE6”. I uninstalled both JRE 6 and 7, cleaned the registry and set up JRE 6 update 29 again. jSR is now up and running on this (backup) machine too !
    On a side note, I had to erase the cache on the main PC this morning. Ran into a “null exception” when it tried to reload the current 20111203.csv. With the same files, no problem on the backup machine !

  13. Djemac

    Not working anymore…

    cache hit for /home/sma-data/Djemac-20110414.csv
    cache hit for /home/sma-data/Djemac-20111203.csv but fileSize differs, going to reload
    Fatal error, an unknown error occured.
    at nl.mk.jsunnyreports.dataobjects.inverterdata.Years.removeDayFromSet(Years.java:365)
    at nl.mk.jsunnyreports.dataloaders.SunnyExplorerDataLoader.csvDetailFileRemove(SunnyExplorerDataLoader.java:241)
    at nl.mk.jsunnyreports.dataloaders.SunnyExplorerDataLoader.dataLoader(SunnyExplorerDataLoader.java:350)
    at nl.mk.jsunnyreports.dataloaders.DataLoader.readInverterData(DataLoader.java:216)
    at nl.mk.jsunnyreports.JSunnyReports.main(JSunnyReports.java:128)

    Done processing ( time used : 7072ms ), exiting program.

  14. Martin Kleinman (Post author)

    @BEN. Do you know where you had this NullPointerException?
    @Djemac, OK. I will look into it.

  15. Ben

    Looks like the same error (same message about the current .csv file having changed, going to reload then crash)

  16. Martin Kleinman (Post author)

    I think I fixed the nullpointer exception when loading data.

    There were some small issues in the cache handler.

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