Working on the cache mechanism!

Okay, I started working on the biggest change in the jSunnyreports core ever. I have started on the cache mechanism. This will hopefully increase performance dramatically.

More information soon.


  1. Martin Kleinman

    Quite some work has been done already.

    Loading and saving the internal cache structure already works. And the biggest part of the SoladinDataLoader also has been finished.

    A simple test with a few files ( 22 days ) shows a significant increase in performance. Without cache: 17 seconds. With cache in place and no changed files: 10 seconds. With a few cache misses 11 seconds.

    So a 41% increase already in performance. I’m very excited about this feature.

  2. Art Cattell

    Hi, I have tried to email you, re monitoring of my site, but its returned has spam

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