Working on new feature: The Scheduler

I’m working on a new feature which is very useful for people who run jSunnyreports multiple times a day based on a schedule. At the moment all the graphs are always generated while some graphs are only interesting to update once a day. ( for instance the kWh/kWp graph over a longer period ). This graph takes a lot of time to generate!

In the new version I will add a scheduler in which you input which graphs will be generated when. E.g. the kWh/kWp graph will only be generated if jSunnyreports is run in the evening. ( between 20:00 or 21:00 ). This will dramatically speedup the graph generating process.

After this update I will also try to add some sort of cache mechanism for reading all the inverterdata.


I have finished the first version of the scheduler. I have created two schedules, statistics:

  • Default schedule, running all graphs: 350 seconds
  • Improved schedule, 290 seconds.

Thats a minute saved!

The improved schedule only creates certain graphs in a specific period. For instance the year graphs and the running kwh/kwp graph. Running those every time will almost never result in a changed outcome.

Also in my case I don’t use a forum signature, recreating it every time every run is pointless 🙂

Next up: a cache mechanism to improve loading of all inverterdata!


Want to test this new alpha version? .You will need an existing working version of jsunnyreports to apply this patch.

See the readme.txt for more information.