Version 2.0.7 released

And another update. Version 2.0.7 has just been released and all the WIKI pages have been updated accordingly.


The biggest update is support for Solarlog 1000 loggers. These files differ a bit from the Solarlog100 and 400 which jSunnyreports already supported for quite some while. Solarlog1000 is capable of logging multiple inverters at the same time. I have tested my code with 15! inverters in one go and it works flawless.


The website itself also has been upgraded to the latest version of Bootstrap and the used template. Also the template itself has been stripped from unused files that is why this new release is 300kb smaller than the previous one.

Some more changes:

  • Savings are now displayed on the main page
  • Expected month and year value are displayed throughout the website
  • Inverterdetail block from the index page is now also present on the day page
  • Month chart has been altered slightly


The full changelog:

- 0000091: [website] [bootstrap] template has been updated. Update template of JSR to latest version (administrator) - closed.
- 0000092: [core] Regression: Warning when data is loaded before installdate. Which inverter is it? (administrator) - closed.
- 0000086: [website] [All] Show expected value for month and year. (administrator) - closed.
- 0000058: [website] [day.html] Add block with inverter information (administrator) - closed.
- 0000089: [website] [index.html] Add total savings in the Facts section (administrator) - closed.
- 0000090: [website] [kwh_year] Captions in the chart mention dd/mm/yyyy, should be dd/mm or mm alone (administrator) - closed.
- 0000088: [charts] [daychart] add cummulative chart on second y-axis (administrator) - closed.
- 0000084: [dataloaders] [Solarlog1000] Add support for Solarlog 1000 inverters (administrator) - closed.
- 0000087: [charts] [inverters] expected kwh/kwp line is missing from chart (administrator) - closed.





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    Nice changes. Works great.
    Thanks for the effort!

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