version released!

A brand new jSunnryeports release:


Fixes and changes

* Dutch language fixes ( Tnx Andre )
* Settings.conf is a bit more elaborate (use the / and NEVER the \ in paths)
* inverters.conf is a bit more eleborate, especially for inverters that need additional config items.
* Calculating the average of a day is now done in one function ( instead of two )
* Last month was not actually the last month in the facts block.
* Modified footer so it will scale correctly.
* Dayyield in facts was rounded differently from dayyield in header.
* JSON year color fix ( used linecolor instead of barcolor ), usually they are the same so no one noticed it before.
* Website title moved to language file ( tnx Doudy )
* misc/historic production rounding problem solved
* updated rounding mechanism
* Updated various columns ( align left/right )
* Header updated, should fix scaling problem on smaller devices
* Diary, main caption was not translated ( Tnx Doudy )
* Inverters, first year can now be skipped to recreate the 1.6 situation.
* Inverters, enhanced handling of multiple inverters when using the dropdown + checkboxes
* Downgraded Jquery, internet explorer users can now open the website locally
* Cleaned up templates, removed various unused directories.


To update from 2.0.x

  1. Delete your local template directory
  2. Delete your local language directory
  3. Copy the template directory from the zip
  4. Copy the language directory from the zip
  5. Overwrite jSunnyreports.jar


  1. DEPAS Patrice

    Nothing appears on the screen, yet the data is in FILES.
    The system is configured properly.

  2. Martin Kleinman (Post author)

    Are you using Google Chrome as your main browser by any chance?

    Also see:

    Q. Help, no information is displayed!

    You have probably double clicked in index.html or another html file directly from your computer and opened the website in either Google Chrome or in Internet Explorer.

    In both browsers jSunnyreports will not display any data.
    Internet Explorer

    Upgrade to version ( soon to be released ). This will solve your issue.
    Google Chrome

    This is caused by a security “feature” which prevents Chrome opening the JSON files stored locally. The fix is to add a start parameter to Chrome. –allow-file-access-from-files

    Create a shortcut with this startparameter.

    On Windows:

    chrome.exe –allow-file-access-from-files

    On Mac:

    open /Applications/Google\ –args –allow-file-access-from-files

  3. DEPAS Patrice

    Good job

  4. Danny Simons

    Deze komt precies op het goede moment 😉

    Sinds 8 maart lag mijn Pi eruit, vanavond opnieuw geïnstalleerd en dan dit weekend deze release gaan installeren. Mijn logging gebeurde nog met V1.4 😀
    Maar zover ik begrepen heb, gaat dit veel minder resources en tijd gebruiken op mijn lichtgewicht Pi en kan ik de eerste run ook gewoon eerst uitvoeren op mijn desktop. Een win/win situatie!


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