Version is about to be released

I’ve completed work on version . The changelog:

0000197: [Display issue] Dialgraph isn’t created nicely for smaller invertersizes < 1000Wp (Martin) – closed.
0000173: [Display issue] Add time restriction for dataloaders (Martin) – closed.
0000179: [Idea] Documentation for linux scripts (Martin) – closed.
0000134: [Bug] Get jSunnyReports to work under macOS (Martin) – closed.
0000178: [Bug] Linux scripts are not unseable on linux (Martin) – closed.
0000182: [Bug] Linux scripts don’t work and give all kinds of errors (Martin) – closed.
0000168: [Idea] Create .JAR file for the project instead of all loose classfiles (Martin) – closed.
0000164: [Idea] Mini Graph for forums signature (Martin) – closed.
0000195: [Bug] jan 2011 : Web Link Last month is false (Martin) – closed.

This release should work flawless on any system that runs Java! All the seperate files we had in the /classes dir are now moved to one .JAR file. This file also includes all the library dependencies thus removing a lot of rubbish from the executable scriptfiles ( .cmd / .sh ). Also basic information about Linux is added to the executable files. Hopefully this will make life on Linux systems a lot easier.

I have also added a new graphtype, a minigraph that can be used in signatures on forums where this is supported.

I found a serious bug in the dialgraph generation. The various values along the graph would be calculated wrong. This has been fixed.

Nothing really new in the inverter department except for a long awaited update. jSunnyReports now filters out all “0” values during nighttime. I have made this change for all Sunnybeam Bluetooth users and Sunny Explorer users. When I get Solarlog data I will see if the change has to be made there as well.

I will test the code and if no big issues come to light I will release this version shortly.