V2.0.3 released

A few days later than expected. 2.0.3 has been released. ( link: http://www.jsunnyreports.com/releases/full/jsunnyreports2.0.3.zip )


The fixes and improvements this time:

- 0000017: [website] Translation issue found in "merged" charts, it is hardcoded. (administrator) - closed.
- 0000044: [charts] Update Highcharts to 4.2.3 (administrator) - closed.
- 0000032: [core] With multiple inverters the current power might not match the actual power (administrator) - closed.
- 0000033: [charts] Language text missing for forumsignature ( graphs.kwh=kWh ) (administrator) - closed.
- 0000039: [website] Refresh page (administrator) - closed.
- 0000036: [templates] Day information, when day chosen you cannot go back to the current day ( without a reload ). (administrator) - closed.
- 0000040: [json] Possible mismatch between json ( domotica ) and common.js (administrator) - closed.
- 0000037: [core] days_hist.js of current year contains all 365 / 366 days, instead of up to the current one (administrator) - closed.
- 0000043: [website] On months page information about the individual is missing (administrator) - closed.
- 0000019: [unspecified] Update internal versioning. (administrator) - closed.
- 0000026: [core] An invalid costs.xls file will crash jSunnyreports (administrator) - closed.
- 0000035: [core] When cost data is 0 give a warning (administrator) - closed.

A lot of minor issues have been fixed, including a few code enhancements.


For people who are using it is easy to upgrade.

  • Overwrite jsunnyreports.jar
  • Overwrite everything in the /lang directory ( new language items have been added )
  • Overwrite everything in de /template directory

Then run jSunnyreports once, it should copy (and FTP ) all new template files to your site.


First up are two minor versions.


This version will fix a few crashes ( and the leap year bug ) in the old, but still widely used, version.


This will be another minor update. The current plans are:

- 0000024: [dataloaders] Add support voor Mango/Java CSV styled files - new.
- 0000003: [charts] Zoom button in chart is sometimes in the way of the chartline, move to other corner? - feedback.
- 0000042: [templates] records.peakpowers.reached (administrator) - feedback.
- 0000034: [templates] Layout page kwhyear.title (administrator) - feedback.
- 0000004: [templates] More elaborate records pages (administrator) - acknowledged.
- 0000021: [core] Re-add sun radiation charts ( dynamically ) - confirmed.
- 0000016: [templates] Description inverter menu Miscellaneous (administrator) - assigned.
- 0000038: [dataloaders] Investigate support for SolarEdge inverters (administrator) - assigned.
- 0000028: [templates] Modify records page to resemble more like version 1.6.x (administrator) - assigned.

I will try to add support for MangoDB/Java styled CSV files as well as support for SolarEdge inverters. Next up are some minor issues that need to be adressed and I will try to update the record pages to display more relevant information. And! The suncharts will be back. Current plan is to only display the current day with all radiation data. In the future I would like to add a dynamic engine on which every day with every possible angle / orientation can be added.

If you want more information about every individual plan check the Mantis bugtrack site for more information.


And the next major version. This will be a huge one.The plans:

- 0000022: [unspecified] Create universal inverter searcher + logger - new.
- 0000030: [core] Add android app to the app store for jSunnyreports - new.
- 0000031: [core] Add iPhone app to the app store for jSunnyreports - new.
- 0000015: [javascript] Allow multiple date formats depending on language / location (administrator) - acknowledged.
- 0000012: [templates] Feature: Add formatting to numbers and dates (administrator) - acknowledged.
- 0000010: [dataloaders] Allow multiple loaders with the same name. (administrator) - acknowledged.
- 0000018: [website] Change order of inverters (administrator) - acknowledged.
- 0000023: [charts] Re-add moving average chart in monthly charts (administrator) - acknowledged.
- 0000041: [templates] Day Template (administrator) - confirmed.
- 0000005: [core] Invertername ( from inverters.conf ) is read with spaces in the beginning and end (administrator) - confirmed.
- 0000001: [cache] Month overview pages, day peakpower drops to 0 after cache.retain days. (administrator) - confirmed.
- 0000045: [core] Create a cache upgrade system to upgrade from version x to y including changes (administrator) - assigned.
- 0000046: [website] [Mainpage] Add block similar from 1.6.x displaying detailed inverter performance (administrator) - assigned.
- 0000048: [core] [Config] Create a HTTP enabled configuration tool (administrator) - assigned.
- 0000049: [core] [JSR] Start using Maven within JSR instead of own dependencies. (administrator) - assigned.
- 0000047: [json] [Costs] Add individual cost/yield for every inverter ( to include on mainpage / misc etc ) (administrator) - assigned.
- 0000025: [charts] With more than 2 inverter show a secondary bar in each barchart containing the total value (administrator) - assigned.
- 0000020: [core] Records, add highest peakpower to the list of the peakpower per year (administrator) - assigned.
- 0000009: [core] FTP, when later adding FTP settings not everything is uploaded (administrator) - assigned.

A long list. But to summarize it:

  • The whole cache engine will be updated
  • The cache itself will be updatable between versions ( so no more hours loading data after a new version )
  • A new configuration tool which will be accessible from your webbrowser!
  • Its own HTTP server. This is done for everyone who want to look at their data on their own computer



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