Various issues have been fixed

I found the updatecost issue which would cause the costs only to be updated once and not being saved.

I also found and fixed the issue when a day was missing from a month which would cause all averages to be calculated wrong ( the missing day would not be calculated at all ).

I will release an update soon.


  1. Ben

    Hi !
    Do you think you could make it work with Java 7, as automatic updates (for JRE6) tend to force users to use JRE7 instead of JRE6 ?
    That would make it a great deal easier to set up for new people (JRE6 is technically still availabe but well-hiden on
    The error I get occurs when trying to send files over FTP :
    FTPCommand – create directory : 2012
    17-09-2012 18:14:40 – []: – FTP: an IO exception has occured.Permission denied: recv failed

    Keep up the good work !

  2. Martin Kleinman

    Hmm. So Java 7 and jSunnyreports do not work well together?

  3. Ben

    Nope. Never managed to get it working on Windows Vista (x32) or Windows 7 (x64). Same error when sending files (graph-rendering OK, cache system seems ok)

  4. Ben

    Just checked the workaround you found here :

    I’m in exactly this situation (Win Vista and 7, Ati catalyst, java 7 and windows firewall) and it is now working !

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