Time for an update

Its time for an update. I hit a few serious brick walls the last couple of months while trying to implement the fromdate/tilldate functionality. Once I completely wrecked the code in such a way that I had to go back to a backup I made previously. I also lost some code tweaks because of that. Anyway. I’m finally back on track and making serious progress.

All charts are now able to work with both dates. Because of this I had to add a few new configuration items to be able to disable or enable the kwh/kwp text that is on the right of most charts. In the case of a upgrade of the PV array this value makes no sense in the graphs anymore. Ofcourse there are the usual tables where the correct values are mentioned. So this is no big deal.


As I said earlier, I’m so glad I totally ditched the configurationtool itself. I can now add new settings with just a breeze. And I can also explain the item itself a lot better in the configuration file. So basically anyone who can read English and can edit a textfile will be able to configure jSunnyreports.


Another interesting feature is a change in the “updatecosts” process. With version 1.4 and below you had to use a special parameter to get the costs updated. With version 1.5 this is now fully automated.

So if the costs.xls file is changed this change is automatically picked up by jSunnyreports and all the necessary steps are taken automatically.


I have still a ton of work to do. I still have to figure out how to compute the expected values correctly. What to do if an inverter was shutdown in september and a new set was installed in june? Count per month, per day? Keep percentages in mind how much is expected each month? Questions I have no answer to yet.