There! I FIXED IT!

There! The proof! 182663ms or 182.6 seconds. This is the exact same data that is being processed as the last 1.3.x version. But this version does the same job in 182.6 seconds instead of the original 460 seconds.

This means I have already reached my goal of a 200% performance increase. This latest alpha version is 249% faster.


  • Switched to another internal PNG encoder making it a lot faster
  • Made PNG compression configurable on a 0-9 scale. 0 = no compression, 9 is maximum.

PNG compression

New in this version is the configuration of PNG compression. With 0 my testsite is a whopping 3.06gb in filesize. Yes, that is not a typo, 3.06 GIGABYTES of data. With compression level set to 1 this goes down to 92.4Mb, yes MEGABYTES.

With the maximum setting of 9 this shrinks to a mere 55Mb in size but also takes a lot more time to complete.

Setting this to a value between 1 and 6 yields the best results.