Sungrow inverterfiles wanted!

The last few days we get more and more requests whether we are going to support the Sungrow inverter family soon.

If you have a Sungrow inverter and you have logfiles generated by the Sungrow inverter software please mail them to me ( ) I will add a dataloader for it as soon as I can!


  1. Geoff Peck

    Hi there! I hope you’ve had some response to your request for Sungrow inverter files? I purchased a Sungrow inverter a few months ago, but have had no success contacting Sungrow about any software for data logging etc. It has a RS485 interface … is it possible to connect this to a PC (via RS232 or USB converter?) direct to your software, or does your software require data in a specific format? Or is there some other way to get readable data out of the Sungrow inverter? (I have the SG1K5TL). Any help much appreciated. Many thanks, Geoff (Australia)

  2. Martin Kleinman (Post author)

    Please, if you have sungrow logfiles please send hem to me 🙂

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