Small update

A small update on the progress of version If you’re interested my own graphsite runs on the latest See

- 0000227: [Display issue] backgroundcolor for bartype graphs is hardcoded (Martin) - closed.
- 0000222: [Bug] When jSunnyreports dir is not created yet stylesheet.css, index.html and other files are not generated the first time (Martin) - closed.
- 0000226: [Idea] Add value item for every bar Chart ( on top of the barchart ) as a legend / info. (Martin) - closed.
- 0000221: [Bug] Sonnenertrag uplink seems to be down (Martin) - closed.
- 0000203: [Idea] daily mean value in day graph (Martin) - closed.
- 0000224: [Display issue] Make color for maxOutput in Dialgraphtype change when more output is given. (Martin) - closed.
- 0000223: [Idea] Make colors for DialPlot configurable (Martin) - closed.
- 0000210: [Refactoring] Refactor code DialGraphType (Martin) - closed.

- 0000202: [Idea] Add a date in the mini graph for forums signature (Martin) - closed.
- 0000132: [Idea] Add sun radiation/WMO data functions to jSunnyReports (Martin) - closed.
- 0000200: [Idea] Add Lat/Lon of system to configtool (Martin) - closed.
- 0000201: [Idea] Add inclination and degrees for each inverter (Martin) - closed.
- 0000207: [Bug] Add custom fileload ( manual.xls ) capabilities to SunnyExplorerDataLoader (Martin) - closed.
- 0000206: [Bug] Loading data issue from detailfiles causes inconsistency in data (Martin) - closed.
- 0000180: [Idea] Remove testfiles currently in Subversion from the repository. (Martin) - closed.
- 0000198: [Bug] One typo in the linux scripts (Martin) - closed.
- 0000205: [Bug] Diehl dataloader doesn't work with other dateformats (Martin) - closed.
[9 issues]

Still a shitload of work needs to be done. There are still several small and annoying bugs in the code.

This is the current TODO list.

- 0000220: [Idea] Add SunRise and SunSet to dataset + html tables - new.
- 0000219: [Bug] Invertergraphs sometimes don't end with 0W - new.
- 0000218: [Bug] Sun Radiation graph sometimes renders wrong ( color scheme of graphs ) - new.
- 0000217: [Idea] Add -ActualOnly parameter - new.
- 0000216: [Idea] Add "color templates" to the configuration tool. - new.
- 0000213: [Idea] Modify Inverter editting in the configtool ( make a popup with complete editscreen ). - new.
- 0000212: [Refactoring] Refactor code BarGraphType - new.
- 0000211: [Refactoring] Refactor code TimeSeriesGraphType - new.
- 0000209: [Bug] Sun radiationgraphs will not work for southern hemisphere - new.
- 0000225: [Idea] Add support for Schüco sunanalyzer files. (Martin) - assigned.
- 0000214: [Display issue] With 3 graphs next to eachother the timeseries graphtypes with day info are too small (Martin) - assigned.
- 0000208: [Idea] Add update interval for index.html to the configurationtool ( in minutes ) (Martin) - assigned.

So a lot of work already done, and a lot of work is still ahead.

One big issue will be the configuration tool itself. A lot of options are in it already and a lot more are being added. I need to find a way to tidy the configurationtool.  Ideas are welcome! 🙂