Several issues found in beta8

There are several issues found in the last 1.1beta8. I will try to summarize them here.

  • Configtool doesn’t work anymore under linux, this has probably got to do with our “maximize by default” which works under Windows but not under linux. Investigating into this issue
  • Again timezone / Daylight Savings Time issues with the various dataloaders.
  • Sunny Explorer dataloader crashes when an unknown dateformat is chosen ( unknown to Java ). e.g. dd:mm:yyyy HH:mm tt. Where tt stands for AM/PM. Investigating this issue
  • Recordpage is faulty, links to the correct month are not working.

Besides these issues we need to address the end user manual with regards to the “options” column in the configurator. This field gets a lot of users confused. We will update the manual with extra info how to use this field.