Question: When to release new versions?

Simple question to everyone who is using jsunnyreports. Do you want me to release 1 release in a month containing a lot of fixes and/or features ? Or release a new version as soon as I have finished it?



  1. Kris Boeckx

    I think a release as soon it’s finished is the best option. So everyone can decide for himself to upgrade or wait for the next version.

  2. Ben

    I totally agree with this.
    Perhaps jSR could also check for a new version and warn the user one way or the other (mail sent to a specified e-mail address, message on the index page, etc).

  3. Gridaine

    I’m for a release as soon as possible, people who want more stable version can wait ! (and why not labeled the version as “stable” when a long time without bug reported is reach ?)

  4. Jaconet

    Voor mij mag het gewoon als er iets klaar is, je kunt dan direct testen en eventuele bugs direct herkennen.

  5. Stan Gobien


  6. Djemac

    Dès que possible = ASAP 🙂

  7. Ludo

    I agree, the sooner you post , the sooner you get feedback

  8. Ben

    As I said, I’d prefer to have a new version ASAP. However, having multiple bug-fixing releases could be a pain for some not-so-computer-friendly people. So why not create a simple mailing list with a few volunteers (with different settings) and send them new .jar or .zip file as soon as you think you’re ready for a new release. ‘Geeks’ who visit this website would be happy while more conservative people would enjoy having a new stable release only when necessary.
    I’m running Sunny Explorer on a SunnyBoy 300TL and I would be ok to test for this configuration (I can send you details about my ISP if you need it for FTP tests too).

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