Progress and update on 1.4

Some news about the upcoming 1.4 release.

FTP transfer

With the first Alpha versions of the 1.4 branch a lot of users reported a lot faster generating engine, which was expected :). But the FTP transfers are now slower, a lot slower in fact!

The funny thing is that I haven’t started on that part of the code yet. The only thing I have changed is the underlying FTP library I use from the Apache foundation. This newer library is probably the reason why it is a lot slower.

FTP transfer is next on my list of TODO items. My goal is to utilize more than 90% of your upload bandwidth and also introduce MODE Z ( compression ).

But first I’m working on:

Records pages / HTML engine

I’m currently working on the record pages and the underlying structure how the HTML pages are constructed. We currently have two internal engines for creating HTML pages. Its very high on my TODO list to merge these into one.

I will also remove the “record weeks” part from the record pages. jSunnyreports uses years, months and days. and not weeks. Instead of that I will add some graphs on the recordspage and improve the page with “year records”.

Then its time to work on the “scripting” engine in the templates. At first this will be a simple “if then else” construct thats added to the templates. More on this soon.


As soon as I’ve got the HTML template and records page part fixed I will release another Alpha version.

More info soon, now back to some coding 🙂