New Beta for available.

I have released the 3rd beta of

Most important in this release are fixes for Aurora inverters and support for Sunny Data Control .suo files and preliminary support for Mastervolt XS inverters.

The full list:

- 0000323: [Bug] Aurora inverters can have different date structure, causes a crash (Martin) - closed.
- 0000322: [Bug] NPE In createActualRenderer when only one day is present in the set (Martin) - closed.
- 0000294: [Enhancement] Add support for Mastervolt XS inverters (Martin) - closed.
- 0000321: [Enhancement] Add support for SDC 3.93 SUO files (Martin) - closed.
- 0000297: [Bug] Sunny Webbox fails because dateTime stamp can be configured (Martin) - closed.
- 0000320: [Bug] Sunny Explorer crashes because wrong files are read. (Martin) - closed.
- 0000319: [Refactoring] No Data Loaded Exception is annoying and not descriptive at all (Martin) - closed.
- 0000318: [Bug] Possible issue with costs.xls (Martin) - closed.
- 0000317: [Bug] SunnybeamBT files, new firmware, crash because of -,---- entries (Martin) - closed.
- 0000312: [Bug] Problem with DST timezone, ( wrong file is read ) (Martin) - closed.
- 0000308: [Bug] Problem with Solarlog 500., different file structure. (Martin) - closed.

A productive weekend I might add 🙂