Month chart idea

I got an email the other day, asking if it would be possible to modify the month chart a bit.

I implemented his idea and using it on my own website at the moment. I’m curious what all you guys think



The Average and Expected lines are displayed for each day as a horizontal line. The Expected line here has some value as you can see if a day is above or below the expected line. The average line does not say a thing. Personally I want to know if the production is above or below the expected value.



This chart tells a lot more. The expected value is there for every day. The production line also tells if the production is above or below the expected value. Clearly this is not a good month.




Personally I’m in favor of replacing the current two lines available till 2.0.6 and replace them with the new chart with the next version.

What do you guys think! Comments below!



  1. michel

    I agree.

    More info available:
    A better overview per day and see how much it differs from the expected (cumulative)value at any given day.

    I hope the new graph will be activated in the new(er) versions.

    Thanks for implementing it sofar Martin. It is as expected!

  2. Remco

    What a great idea ! 🙂

  3. Tom

    I think the cumulative scale in the new version in relation to the daily production becomes to big, so it’s unclear how much you are off per day. I think it would be clearer with the steady expected line (per day) like in the old version, but let the production line vary per day with moving average in stead of calculating monthly average for every day.

  4. Kristof

    Why not both? I think it is interesting to see for every day if it was below or above expectation (the old yellow line). And the new and improved to see if that month is progressing above or below expectations?

  5. Jean

    Good morning from France,
    This is a good idea .. but where are the line code !!
    Best regards

  6. Doudy


    I agree but is it possible to had the total production at the bottom of the day ? In numbers.


  7. Martin Kleinman (Post author)

    Good idea. I logged it in Mantis.

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