Minor updates

The last few days I have made some minor modifications which will be released soon.

  1. Minor fix in the JSON engine. Forgot rounding of one of the items;
  2. Minor fix when a day is the best day ever. In a specific case the chart would be skipped partly during creation.

I will release this minor version soon.



  1. Christophe

    Hi, nice can you put next also on your to do list please: can you fix the problem with “days_hist.js” for http://www.sonnenertrag.eu? I know it’s not your fault but the change of http://www.sonnenertrag.eu 😉 it imports only the last 10 days now.

  2. Martin Kleinman (Post author)

    Yes. but what do I need to change to the days_hist file? As I have no clue.

  3. Christophe

    thanks, the only thing i change on days_hist is, delete the future dates and value’s and save then i import the days_hist manually.

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