Major fuckup found, 2.0.5 released

I found a major fuckup in my code. You might have seen the error yourself. Warnings in the logfile that cost entries could not be found.

It took me a while to trace the bug but I found it. And this issue is in the category D0h, Doh.. *facepalm*. In short; Working with date and time in Java can be a real pain in the ass and this time it did bite me….

I also found a “infinity” error in years.json, that should be fixed as well

And last but not least, you can now select the chart type on the indexpage just as the days page.

Other fixes

- 0000067: [core] [years.json] Peakpower contains value "infinity" (administrator) - resolved.
- 0000074: [core] [costs.xls] Costs are loaded wrong and processed wrong! (administrator) - closed.
- 0000073: [dataloaders] [SunnyExplorer] Loader crashes on -Spot- files. (administrator) - closed.
- 0000071: [website] [index] Add switch to switch between 3 different charttypes, same as days.html (administrator) - closed.


In order to fix this issue follow these steps:

  1. Open costs.xls
  2. Edit one value and save the excelfile
  3. Edit that value again and enter the original value ( DO NOT UNDO YOUR CHANGE! )
  4. Save costs.xls again
  5. Run jSunnyreports, it should recalculate all the costs.



  1. Danny


    Dan ga ik deze maar eens proberen met mijn dataset.

  2. Yves


    Not working for me with the month issue.
    What I did:

    – deleted everything in the FTP folder
    – deleted everything in the outpout folder
    – updated as described in the readme-update
    – run JSR
    – while upload was going I reload the month information page.
    -after completing upload for year 2012: ok
    -after completing upload for year 2013: ok
    -after completing upload for year 2014: ok
    -after completing upload for year 2015: ok
    -after completing upload for year 2016: not showing the year :

    I’ll retry but leaving only a month for 2016, then 2 then 3,… to find in wich month it happens.

    Keep in touch

    It seems strange but I

    Thanks for your work anyway.

  3. Yves


    I did it like i said.

    Everything is fine until I put 2016 june csv files.

    Tomorrow I’ll manually re-export my junes data.

    Will run JSR day by day to find the guilty one.

    Found this:
    Infinity is created with 2016/06/03 data. (1st and 2nd of june work fine).

    The file look strange.

    Will re-export and retry as soon as sun allow me to do so .

  4. Yves


    It did came from a bad csv file.

    Re-export today and everything is fine

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