jSunnyReports version is released

I have just released the latest version of jSunnyReports. This is a MUST HAVE release, especially the extreme FTP speed improvement is a must have 🙂

jSunnyReports –
Performance and bugfix release.

  • 0000160: [Idea] FTP is slow as all the files are always uploaded, can’t this be made more efficient (Martin) – closed.
  • 0000144: [Idea] Add commandline parameters to jSunnyReports (Martin) – closed.
  • 0000159: [Bug] Firmware update for SBBluetooth crashes jSunnyreports (Martin) – closed.
  • 0000166: [Bug] FileHandler class is not using timezone GMT (Martin) – closed.
  • 0000133: [Bug] Get jSunnyReports to work under linux (Martin) – closed.
  • 0000157: [Display issue] Display generation of all graphs again in display (Martin) – closed.
  • 0000156: [Performance] Found a performance issue in the SunnyDataControl loader (Martin) – closed.
  • 0000155: [Display issue] Problem with topdays month graph, only months with days are displayed instead of every month (Martin) – closed.
  • 0000154: [Performance] Noticed severe performance degradation because of lots of Sorts (Martin) – closed.

jSunnyReports – (Released 2010-11-11) [ View Issues ]

  • 0000177: [Bug] Unparseble error in SunnybeamBluetooth dataloader (Martin) – closed.

I have added commandline parameters. Use jSunnyreports -showhelp to show the available options.

Download from : http://www.familie-kleinman.nl/jsunnyreports/releases/full/jSunnyReports-

Update 11-11-2010, there is a serious bug in the SunnyBeam Bluetooth dataloader. this is fixed in version I have removed and added the as a download


  1. Eric

    Great! It’s working! I will increase the refresh rate of my website to 15mn!

    Many thanks for this software.


  2. Martin Kleinman

    Hi Eric,

    What is your performance increase in FTP performance?

  3. Ludo

    Dag Martin,

    Nieuwe versie uitgepakt , en de config en templates map overschreven met de vorige versie. Blijkbaar leest heeft ie nu problemen met de data-format … (zie beneden)


    jSunnyReports. Copyright : 2009-2010, Martin Kleinman, Martijn van der Pauw & Ba
    stiaan Schaap, version Builddate : 09-11-2010 at 19:00
    Check out http://www.familie-kleinman.nl/jsunnyreports for the latest version.
    Loading and sorting data
    Processing inverterdata for : 2000929567_Groot_DAK
    processing : Maclusolar-20100201.csv
    Unparseable date: ” 1/02/2010 7:20″
    Error: Invalid date format found while parsing this inverter, exiting program
    Done processing ( time used : 152ms ), exiting program.
    Druk op een toets om door te gaan. . .

  4. Ludo

    By the way : ik gebruik “Sunnybeam Bluetooth”

  5. Eric

    So, JSR is 2 minutes for an update each 30 minutes, JSR is 7:30 minutes for the same tasks.
    My connection is ADSL with an upload speed of 120 ko/s

    So there is definitely a great improvement!

    For info I’m using the task created by BZH with a batch process for Sunny Explorer which take 1:50 minutes.
    The computer used is a dedicated nettop based on Atohm processor (230).


  6. Danny

    Wow, great performance improvement. I assume that there is no need anymore to use the ignore setting as only modofied files are ftp’d ? Right ?
    Eric, where can I find the batch job created by BZH ? Does it also start/stop the upload from the sunnybeam ?
    Great tool. Thanks Martin and others.

  7. Bzh

    the job use SunnyExplorer to get data from the inverter.
    If you get a SunnyBeam, you get only one file a day.
    So you can create a little job which copy the last files from the SB, and run JSR (you have to change the directories) :
    xcopy f:\SBeam\1* d:\solar\production\sunnybeam /d
    If you really want the SE job, it’s on the forum

  8. Danny

    Thanks Bzh, I’m using Sunny Data Control to move my files from the Sunny Beam to my laptop. How do you make your Sunny Beam visible as the f drive on your windows ? Would prefer to do it that way too.

  9. peter

    Would be good if this could upload to pvoutput.org as well…

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