jSunnyreports v2 released

Just to let everyone know that jSunnyreports v2 is finally released!



With this new version almost everything has changed. Some new features are:

  • It is interactive!
  • This interaction also includes the charts itself, you can enable and disable individual inverters if you want to.
  • Days can be compared to each other!
  • All charts are zoomable!
  • It is faster! A lot faster even.
  • Complete redesign of the template system

The documentation has been updated too. No more bulky PDF which never is quite right. But a full WIKI system right here on this website which will help you with nearly everything.




  1. Marc P.


    Great work ! Looks really nice and is super fast indeed… I have encountered one issue. I have data from a Sunny Webbox for 2 inverters since september 2010. All data were processed correctly but the upload of data stopped after year 2015. The 2016 files were generated but not uploaded from some reason. The logs don’t show any error. When I upload them manaually all looks OK on the site. I tried it a couple of time by removing cache file and each time it does not upload 2016 files.

  2. Ben

    Hi and thanks for this great new version. Almost everything is working great for me (with SMA Sunny Explorer).
    A few minor glitches :
    – on a reasonable 1366×768 resolution screen, the 4 “widgets” at the top of the dashboard (now, today, this month, this year) are displayed on a single line. This is great but as the css mentions, it feels slightly too “huge” in my opinion (can’t see the full graph below without scrolling). The real problem though is that the numbers don’t fit the widgets. When I reach 10kWh in one of the widgets, it overlaps on the graphbar icon on the left. The 1 overlaps the icon. Same thing happens with the h from kWh on the far right (this year widget). The white “h” is outside the widget and overlaps the white background. This seems to be some sort of spacing problem or the size of the font.
    – In the dashboard (home page) the “last month” value on the right seems to be the same as the “this month” value (without the decimals). I think this is a bug.

    Anyway, as you can see, these are only minor bugs. A real thank you for your work, the result is trully awesome !

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