jSunnyreports v2, near completion?

To answer the first question. Yes I did a lot of work on jSunnyreports on the last day of 2015 and also on the first day of 2016.

I have removed the temporary mock website and I am now running and testing the first jSunnyreports v2 website. URL: http://trinity.familie-kleinman.nl/v2 

I have also added the WIKI pages here on the website although they are still empty 🙂

I am now testing everything. I want to make sure this version 2.0 is the most stable and reliable version of jSunnyreports ever!



  1. Ben

    Impressive work !
    – One “bug” I noticed : v. 2.0 is in English but the calendar is not (when you click to select a specific day).
    – One possible improvement for your multiple inverters site : the “merged” lines seem to be the same grey when you compare two days. Not always easy to understand which part of the line is for which day when the lines get mixed up.
    Well done !

  2. Remco

    Ziet er super uit!

    cosmetische bug – op de dashboard page is het jsunnyreports logo te groot als je deze bladzijde kleiner / smaller maakt.

  3. Martin Kleinman (Post author)

    Thanks. Fixed that one in a few seconds. Had to add a responsive class to the image.

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