jSunnyReports 1.1beta3 just released

I just released beta3.

Fixes and changes in this release - 06-03-2010
- Updated yield/yield kwhcorrectionfactor code. 
  Code sometimes didn't do what it was supposed to be doing
- Added ##website_owner## to the templates
- Added meta refresh to the code
- updated costs.xls with new costs for 2010
- Updated sunnybeamBT inverterreader
- Updated EdFTPJ library to latest version
- Removed some debugcode left from beta2
- Added extra checks in the FTPcode while ftp'ing hopefully 
  fixing some FTP errors some people received
- Added extra graphtype
- Refactored and improved various code sections today.
- Improved FTP handling, in some cases improves performance by 200%


  1. defour

    Hi, any plans to add support for installations with 2 inverters?

  2. Martin Kleinman (Post author)


    In fact I have an idea how to implement it, the next version will have multiple inverter support for sunnybeamBT ( with more then 1 inverter in the same csv file ).

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