jSunnyReports is released!

I’ve just released the next version of jSunnyReports. It can be downloaded from: http://www.familie-kleinman.nl/jsunnyreports/releases/full/jSunnyReports-

Please read the readme.txt and the upgrade files! This is a serious update from This release should also work flawless on MacOS, Linux and any other system that runs Java.

Known issues:

– Something is wrong with the Diehl dataloader this will be addressed in the upcoming release.


  1. BZH44

    you forgot to update index.html footer.
    It shows V1.1.2.3…

  2. Martin Kleinman

    Yes? And what is the problem? This is 🙂

  3. Christophe Bienfait

    Hi Martin,

    before all, you made a good job, but I’ve two small issues with this version.

    First : every times I run JSR, all files are uploaded to the website, not only the last ones. So, it’s more longer to update the website.

    Second : in the linux scripts, the first line must be “#!/bin/bash” and not “#!bin/bash”.
    After this modification, the linux script run fine.

  4. Martin Kleinman (Post author)

    Hi Christophe,

    What is the difference between “#!/bin/bash” and “#!bin/bash” ? Did you made a typo? I didn’t change the first line in the .sh scripts. I just modified the java call to the right one.

    I haven’t touched the FTP optimize code for FTP’ing the files since the version I added it. I haven’t tested it either since. I’ll check it. Could you put it in Mantis for me please?

  5. Christophe Bienfait

    Sorry for the second issue about the FTP’ing, it’s me the issue 🙁 My temp directory is under the JSR directory and I hadn’t copyed it after the installation of the new version.

    For the script, I’ve made a typo in only one script (jsunnyreports.sh). And unlucky, i think you have used this script as a model 🙁 No problem, I put it in Mantis.

  6. BZH44

    I think I was tired 🙂

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