JSR 2.0.4 released

And another overdue release. The original plan was to release this new version fairly quickly after the previous version but an accident prevented that. I’m almost fully recovered now 🙂

So its time for another release! 2.0.4. is finally there. Link.


Most changes are visible in the frontend. I have added a few new pages and added more information here and there 🙂


- 0000060: [javascript] [day.html] in kWhC and W/Wp chart "merged" is visible in legend, but not working ( messes tooltip ) (administrator) - closed.
- 0000059: [website] [day_best] Add day_best page which shows current day vs best day ever (administrator) - closed.
- 0000046: [website] [Mainpage] Add block similar from 1.6.x displaying detailed inverter performance (administrator) - closed.
- 0000034: [templates] Layout page kwhyear.title (administrator) - closed.
- 0000057: [website] Create debug.html (administrator) - closed.
- 0000004: [templates] More elaborate records pages (administrator) - closed.
- 0000028: [templates] Modify records page to resemble more like version 1.6.x (administrator) - closed.
- 0000003: [charts] Zoom button in chart is sometimes in the way of the chartline, move to other corner? (administrator) - closed.
- 0000024: [dataloaders] Add support voor Mango/Java CSV styled files (administrator) - closed.
- 0000050: [core] With multiple inverters the current power might not match the actual power (administrator) - closed.



If you’re using version 2.0 the upgrade path is fairly easy:

  1. replace jsunnyreports.jar ( as usual )
  2. replace the language directory
  3. delete the template directory!
  4. extract the template directory from the zip file
  5. Run jSunnyreports

Note: If you do not see any changes on your website then go to the output directory where JSR puts all your files, delete all html files there ( best_day.html, day.html, etc etc ). and also remove the customjs directory. Then re-run jSunnyreports.



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  1. Hans Kortenoeven

    I hope that you recover well. Thank you for the update. Especially the Records page was very welcome.

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