Issue with costs.xls?

I’m afraid a serious issue surfaced with the costs.xls file. I have modified my own file a while ago but it seems everything is ignored and I end up with 0 euro for this month.

I will look into it!

Update 13-01-2012

I have found an elegant solution for this problem. Instead of removing the cachefiles and re-read everything all over again I’m going to add -recalcCost parameter, or a feature in the config tool for that matter. This will recalculate all the costs/yields/incentives for all the years from the costs.xls file.



  1. Djemac

    Works for me.

  2. gridained

    Works for me after erasing 2 cache files jsun and regenerating them

  3. Arthur

    Te same for me. Erasing the cache files and regenerating solved the problem.

  4. BZH44

    I had te same problem, but that’s ok for me now!
    (Thanks to gridained, deleleting cache files was successful)

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