Future of jSunnyreports

I’ve been thinking about the future of the project a lot the last few days. And I have come up with the following roadmap.

Version 1.3.x

All current issues and ideas that do not require a change in the datastructure will be added as soon as possible. Also every possible inverter that I can add will be added.

Version 2.0

This will be a 95% rewrite of the whole project. I will remove the cache structure from the project and add a full database. This database will store *EVERYTHING*. Including the configuration of the project, all inverterdata except the language files.

Loading data and making graphs is then a piece of cake. ALso making changes to the core then only require a few update scripts instead of a full reload of the whole dataset.

I can then also add a fully fledged frontend to the project in which you can compare different days of your sets and do a lot more. This will also mean that the tool will read and store other parameters like Vpv, Idc, temperatures etc.


  1. doudy

    J’attends avec impatience…

  2. BZH44

    Great !

    FTP ‘ll be back ?

    (I’ve translate your post in french on forum-photovoltaique.fr)

  3. Martin Kleinman (Post author)

    YES, FTP will be back. And even better: It will be configurable on an inverter basis. So you can backup the files from inverter A to location B, and from inverter B to location C.

  4. Gerard

    Great !
    I can help for test Mastervolt XS


  5. Thomas

    Concerning the “frontend”…
    I recently made this portal to compare PVdiary and Sunnylog users, and also show them on a map: http://www.thomasberger.be/pvdiary/map/
    I still need to add some stuff, e.g.in the moment I store only the current day, month and year but I’m thinking of storing more data.
    The more users there are, the better you can compare. Maybe we can combine forces? Just let me know …

    Br, Thomas

  6. Eric

    Hi Martin!

    Do you have any update on your project you could share with us?

    Best regards!


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