FTP Passive/Active support?

I’m trying to solve the FTP slowness of jSunnyReports. I found out that the ftp library we are using also supports Passive and Active sessions.

Anyone here has any views about this? Its fairly easy to build another switch in the configurationtool now its use is a lot easier.

Anyone has any pointers/views on this subject?


  1. Laurent

    Hi Martin

    I don’t know if this is because of active or passive ftp, but since I upgraded from beta2 to beta3 (or higher), my ftp connection doesn’t work completely.
    With beta2, all files were transmitted without any problem.
    With beta3 and higher, I fails every time.
    If I’m right, you changed the ftp library with beta3. I suppose this is related.


  2. Martin Kleinman (Post author)

    Hi Laurent,

    Strange, I also hear stories of people where the ftpmode now actually works with the modified ftp library. Leaving my totally confused. FTP Active/Passive might be the answer though. Almost all ftp programs I’ve seen automatically switch to FTP passive as transfermode.

    Wait until beta7, it will contain the passive/active switch.

    Do you get an error by the way with beta3 and higher? I’m curious whether an errormessage of the ftp software might shed some light on this issue.

  3. Laurent

    Hi Martin
    I’m using JSunnyReports on my Mac, through emulation with VMWare Fusion.
    My network connection through emulation seems to be unstable (???), and FTP problem seems of course to be linked.
    I will check this and let you know.

  4. Martijn

    Hi Laurent,

    It should be possible to run JSunnyReports without VMWare. I will take a look how that can be done. We will have to build a runnable JAR file to get that done for you.

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