First beta of is up and running

I am currently using the first beta version of project ‘Storm’. At the moment this version is running stable and quite fast. Also the memory consumption has dropped considerably.

One small difference that I noticed is that jSunnyreports now calculates the totals of day/month/year a bit differently, in my case this causes a slightly lower value. This is caused by a small difference in how values are rounded and stored.

I have started to iron out various bugs in the dataloaders. For one I need help. I need Sunnybeam Bluetooth CSV files. If you have a Sunnybeam Bluetooth inverter and you’re using jSunnyreports please send the files to, that way I can fix a few important errors.


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  1. Gridaine

    i’ve just sending you a mail, do you need some extra CSV generated by sunnybeam BT (monthly datas named YYYY-MM.CSV )

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