Do we remember this chart?

Does this chart type ring a bell?

It was part of JSR 1.x and was not included in 2.x. I have no idea why I didn’t include it earlier.

I’ve got a list of todo items for the upcoming release. More info soon.


  1. André

    Yes, i loved those graphs…especially the comparison with my best day.

  2. Willem Oskam

    Ja, dat had ik al gemist, daarom gebruik ik nog steeds de vorige versie naast deze

  3. Willem Oskam

    Klopt, had het meteen al gemist.

  4. Steve Webb

    I once saved those on a daily basis and made a video of them to see how things changed over time. Problem was that the X and Y axes changed scales so I stopped doing it.

  5. Willem Oskam

    Zie uit naar de uitbreidingen

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