Day information


Day information

This is the help info about the day information file. The screen is divided into several parts:

  • header with important information
  • Daychart for the last known day
  • Table with recent days
  • Table with best days ever


The header is explained on the dashboard page.



This daychart shows the exact same information as the index page. You will have an overview how your inverter(s) are performing. As on the index screen you can enable and disable inverters by clicking on them in the legend of the chart

Recent days & Records

The recent days table will show you the past 14 days. The records table will show you the best days with the highest yields up to now.


The table is clickable. When a row is selected this specific day will be loaded in the chart. The selected day will be marked as is shown below.





Here you can search and select another day.

Just click the date and press GO!



Just below the chart itself you will find this box:


Three different types of charts can be selected:

  • Watt performance (default), shows the same chart as on the index page
  • kWh performance, shows you how much kWh is generated on the period of a day ( explained below )
  • W/Wp performance, shows you the W/Wp performance, making it possible to compare different sets with different sizes with each other ( explained below )

I have taken my best day ever as an example for all three.

Watt performance


All my inverters are shown and the amount of Watt ( the actual power ) is displayed over time, including a merged plot as I have multiple inverters.

kWh performance


This chart shows the amount of kWh generated over time. The steeper the line the higher the yield.

W/Wp performance


This chart shows the performance of your solar panels without the installation size. Example:

A 2000Wp installation gives 500W on a certain point. This means the W/Wp value for that moment is 500/2000 = 0.25. Put in simple terms; WIth this charttype you can compare the performance of two sets where the actual installation size does not matter.



I have two near identical sets. One with 560Wp, ( Steca500_1 ) the other with 570Wp ( Steca500_2 ) attached. Even though the yellow set has 10Wp more attached the green set still outperforms it. This is because the green set has a more clear view of the sky.